Coal Revolution Day is celebrated in memory of these great heroes

Coal Revolution Day is celebrated on May 4 to recognize the hard work of some of the great unheard heroes of the Industrial Revolution. Most of the days of coal mines are spent on digging mines, tunnelling and extracting coal. They dig deep on earth to bring out the money that helps us maintain our lives. Coal mining is one of the hardest businesses. The day is celebrated to show appreciation for coal miners and to respect their achievements.

Coal miners have been working for centuries, however, due to the Industrial Revolution between 1760 and 1840, they became very important when coal was used extensively in fuel and locomotive engines and heat buildings. Coal is a natural resource that accelerates both economic and social development.

In India, coal mining began in 1774 when John Summer and Suetonius Grant Heatley of the East India Company started commercial exploration at Raniganj Coalfield along the western bank of the Damodar River. The demand for coal has increased since the introduction of steam engines by railways in 1853. However, it was not a healthy one to work. In the name of profit, there were many incidents of excessive exploitation and massacre in coal mines. Mining has formed a large part of India's economy. After independence, the Government of India focused more on mining industry and development based on five year plans. At present, India has become one of the top reserves of metals and non-metal minerals such as coal, oil, natural gas, and bauxite, dolomite, floraspar, gypsum, iron ore, limestone, copper, asparagus and zinc.

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