US student lying on the bed for 11, treated himself after the research
US student lying on the bed for 11, treated himself after the research

Doctors are called the Gods of the Earth, although when they fail to cure a disease, what will happen to someone else? Something similar happened with a man named Dow Lindsay of America. The doctor failed to cure his disease, but Lindsay did not lose and he found the cure of the disease and is now fully cured.

In 1999, when Dou Lindsay was 21, he suddenly fell unconscious one day and had started fainting again and again since then. Even doctors could not understand what had happened to them. His illness was reported to be associated with thyroid by some doctors, though he could not treat him and had missed out on going to college during the period.

Gradually, Lindsay's troubles grew and then she grabbed the bed. Now that doctors were unable to tell what had happened to her, Lindsay had taken the initiative to identify and treat her illness on her own. Lindsay had read a 2,500-page endocrinology book during the period, and in 2010 she learned of her illness and found out that her adrenal glands had a tumor that doctors could not identify. Lindsay then took the help of a scientific friend for treatment and then underwent surgery. His surgery was successful and after a few days, he started walking.

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