Conflicts of Interest: European Parliament passes resolution against Czech PM

Jun 11 2021 11:12 AM
Conflicts of Interest: European Parliament passes resolution against Czech PM

BRUSSELS: The European Parliament (EP) on Thursday called for a halt in European Union funding to the business empire of Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis over conflicts of interest. following the matter the EP has passed a resolution calling for an end to funding to Agrofert, a business conglomerate of Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis.

"(The EP) insists that further disbursement of funds, either from the EU or Czech national budget, to the companies ultimately controlled by Babis, or members of the Czech government must be halted until the cases of conflict of interests are fully resolved," the EP resolution passed on Thursday, said.

As per reports, a majority of 505 MEPs supported the legally unbinding resolution. Only 30 MEPs were against the resolution and 155 abstained from the vote. Firms owned by Babis, which he insists were placed in trust funds and thus meet local legal obligations, are among the biggest recipients of EU subsidies earmarked for agriculture.

An audit by the European Commission released in April concluded that Babis still maintained effective control over Agrofert, a conglomerate holding company headquartered in Prague, and was thus in conflict of interest. A fact-finding mission by the EP last year reached similar conclusions.

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