Cong decides to make the INDIA bloc a "political and ideological success" in order to rid the nation of "divisive politics"
Cong decides to make the INDIA bloc a

Hyderabad, Sep 16 (PTI) — The Congress, during its first meeting of the reconstituted Congress Working Committee (CWC), has outlined a 14-point resolution aimed at transforming the INDIA bloc into both an "ideological and electoral success." The objective is to liberate the nation from "divisive politics" and ensure a responsive and accountable government for the people.

The CWC enthusiastically welcomed the ongoing consolidation of the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDIA), emphasizing its impact on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP.

Addressing concerns on escalating unemployment and the relentless surge in essential commodity prices, the resolution criticized the government's purported employment drives, referring to them as deceptive attempts to conceal the failure to fulfill job creation promises.

Expressing distress over the delay in conducting the 2021 decennial census, the CWC labeled it a matter of national and international shame, asserting that this delay has deprived approximately 140 million of the most impoverished Indians of their entitlement to food rations. The resolution also condemned the government's refusal to conduct a caste census, deeming it a testament to the BJP's lack of commitment to social and economic justice, particularly towards backward classes, Dalits, and tribal communities.

In response, the CWC called for an augmentation of the reservation quotas for scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, and other backward classes (OBCs), aiming to redress historical disadvantages and promote social equality.

Reiterating their commitment, the CWC affirmed their determination to make the INDIA initiative a triumph both ideologically and electorally. Their goal is to unite the country, eradicate divisive politics, fortify social equity and justice, and ensure a transparent, accountable, and responsive Union government.

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