'Congress is a party of ascetics, Yogi is a thug', Rahul Gandhi's contentious statement
'Congress is a party of ascetics, Yogi is a thug', Rahul Gandhi's contentious statement

New Delhi: The leaders of the opposition often violate decorum in the matter of targeting the leaders of the ruling party. Now former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has also done something similar. Rahul Gandhi has called Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath a 'thug'. Rahul Gandhi made this controversial statement on Monday (February 6) during the Bharat Jodo campaign of social organizations. According to information, while giving a controversial statement, Rahul Gandhi said about Yogi Adityanath that if Yogi ji had understood Hinduism, he would not have done what he does. They are insulting their Math. Yogi is not a religious leader, he is a minor thug. Rahul also said that what the BJP is doing in the country's most populous state (UP) is unrighteous.

According to the report, a woman's question that there is a storm of religion in UP and what will the Congress do? But Rahul Gandhi replied that you said that there is a storm of religion in UP. This is not religion. I read about Islam, and I read about Christianity. Also, read about Judaism and Buddhism. I understand Hinduism and no religion talks about spreading hatred. Rahul Gandhi said that on stopping austerity, a person gets confused. Along with this, Rahul Gandhi termed Congress as a party of ascetics.  

Let us inform you that Rahul Gandhi has given derogatory statements about the ruling party earlier also. Before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi made the Rafale fighter jet deal an issue. Rahul had alleged that there was a scam in the purchase of this aircraft. By making these allegations, Rahul Gandhi and Congress leaders were raising the slogan of 'Chowkidar Chor Hai' for PM Modi. However, later in the Supreme Court, Rahul Gandhi had to apologize for his statement. Let us tell you that, earlier, once Rahul Gandhi had given a derogatory statement like 'Khoon ka Dalal' for Modi. Now he has called Yogi Adityanath a 'thug'.

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