Congress releases year-long plan to celebrate 75th year of India's independence

New Delhi: A statement issued by Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal said the party has announced year-long celebrations to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the country's independence with several programmes. As India celebrates the 'Amrut Mahotsav of Independence' to mark 75 years of its independence, the Congress has decided to set up committees to hold all year-long celebrations in all states and organize independent fighters and Martyrs' Honours Day in all districts.

General Secretary Venugopal said the party led by Mahatma Gandhi and other leaders and workers played a great role during the freedom struggle. From 'Satyagraha' to 'Salt March', from 'Non-Cooperation Movement' to 'Quit India Movement', it achieved the longest 'non-violence movement' against the world's largest and most imperial and colonial British rule and finally independence for the country. After independence, the Congress Party paved the way for a modern and vibrant India, which stood at the frontline of the world's most progressive countries.

Venugopal further said that freedom was not easy, because autocratic and autocratic people and organizations, most of whom had then sided with the British and opposed the freedom movement. They are now challenging the foundation of our politics and democracy. Reducing personal freedom, upholding social injustice, destroying institutional autonomy, creating caste and religious division, and compromising the basic principles of our Constitution and nationality are their open and secret agendas. Today we have an obligation to preserve freedom.

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