Vidisha: Kamal Nath says, 'Give govt job to family members of deceased'

Bhopal: The incident of nearly 40 people falling into a well in Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh has shocked everyone. Now the incident has been termed as very sad by former CM Kamal Nath. At the same time, he has formed a committee on behalf of Congress to look into the incident. The committee is said to visit Ganjbasauda village to meet the victims and submit its report to Congress. Congress leader Kamal Nath has now questioned the Shivraj government over the incident.



In fact, former CM Kamal Nath recently said, "The tragic incident started when a child fell into a well on Thursday evening. He said the villagers from home called the police a lot of times to report the incident but could not even speak to any responsible officer.'' At the same time, he said, "If the crowd gathered near the well had been removed in time, this big incident could have been prevented. The boundary of the well broke due to the increase in the crowd and many people fell into deep water.'' At the same time, Kamal Nath also alleged that "the administrative officers were busy elsewhere at the time of the incident. Officials reached the spot very late. The SDRF team reached there around 10 pm. Due to this, the rescue operation could start very late at 10 pm. Before that, the locals were trying to evacuate people at their level.''



In his statement, Congress leader Kamal Nath also said, "The well was once in a dilapidated condition. But still, the people of the locality were forced to fill the water from here. There were several demands for its marmalade, but the administration did not pay any attention to it. Several people lost their lives due to the late start of the rescue. Some bodies have been recovered. Some people are still missing.'' In his statement, the Congress leader alleged that CM Shivraj himself did not reach the spot even once after sowing close to the spot. He further said that the family members of the deceased should also be given government jobs.

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