Congress leader Naushad, who was arrested for molesting a minor, said to BJP- 'Will women be respected like this?'

Bhopal: BJP state spokesperson Neha Bagga has fiercely attacked the Congress and former Chief Minister Kamal Nath over the Congress's Nari Samman Scheme. She has made serious allegations against Kamal Nath and Congress leaders regarding the Naushad case. Neha said that the Congress party does the work of raising a snake like Naushad in the house. BJP state spokesperson Neha Bagga said that Naushad Khan, who is also a Youth Congress leader, was growing up under the umbrella of Kamal Nath. He molested a 14-year-old girl in public yesterday. A case has been registered under the POSCO Act. "I want to know from Kamal Nath and all congress party leaders whether women will be respected in this way. This Naushad Khan is none other than the one whose pictures have been constantly seen with senior leaders of the Congress party. It has appeared on many social media platforms."

Bagga said that Naushad Khan is seen in the photo with Kamal Nath and local district president Ajay Tandon. There are many pictures of him with senior Congress leaders on social media, in which Naushad Khan is seen with his guru Digvijay Singh, Jitu Patwari. More importantly, Naushad Khan, who has been arrested under the POCSO Act, is given a letter of appreciation by the Congress, respects people who commit criminal acts and insults women. Neha said that the Congress is running a campaign of women's honor, who talk good about women's honor in front of the camera, but in reality, the Congress party does the work of bringing such a snake in the house. This should not come as a surprise as its guru is Digvijay Singh, who addresses women as touch goods, Naushad Khan's guru and mentor is Kamal Nath, who addresses women as items, its patron is the same Jitu Patwari who describes women as selling money.

"I want to tell the women of Madhya Pradesh that many such Congress operatives are roaming all over the state on behalf of the Congress in your street locality, please do not give your personal documents to such people. This person has done the work of taking such personal documents like Aadhaar card, local address, mobile number, due to filling the form. Beware of them, because the Congress party is the one who has created the Tandoor scandal, Sarla Mishra, who has tortured women within the party as well as outside the party and the work of protecting them has always been done by Kamal Nath ji, Digvijay Singh ji."

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