Why is there a ruckus on the statue of Tipu Sultan? Know different theories of Congress-BJP
Why is there a ruckus on the statue of Tipu Sultan? Know different theories of Congress-BJP

Bangalore: The matter of the installation of 100 feet statue of Tipu Sultan by Congress in Karnataka is turning into a political ruckus. Former state CM and senior Congress leader Siddaramaiah has also given a statement in support of this. Congress MLA Tanveer Sait had talked about setting up a 100 feet statue of Tipu Sultan. When a question was asked in this regard, Siddaramaiah said, 'Why can't the statue of Tipu Sultan be installed? Let them make it, aren't they capable of it?'

Siddaramaiah accused the BJP of distorting history. The former CM said that what did the BJP say about Narayan Guru, Ambedkar and others? They tell lies. It is noteworthy that a statement was made by Congress about the plan to install a statue of Tipu Sultan when PM Narendra Modi on Friday unveiled a 108-feet statue of Nadaprabhu Kempegowda in the capital Bengaluru.

Congress leader Tanveer Sait said that soon a discussion would be held with the leaders of the community (Muslim community) regarding the installation of Tipu Sultan's statue, after which a decision would be taken. Tanveer said that he is not the only one who wants this. He said that the purpose of installing the statue is to tell the youth about the reality of Tipu Sultan's rule and his contribution in the freedom struggle. 

Let us tell you that assembly elections are proposed in Karnataka next year. Even before this, the politics of the state heated up regarding Tipu Sultan. BJP was fiercely targeted after Asaduddin Owaisi celebrated Tipu Jayanti at Idgah Maidan in Hubli, Karnataka. BJP had said that Tipu Sultan was not a freedom fighter that his birth anniversary should be celebrated. Nothing can be expected from Owaisi, whose political forefathers were Razakars, the same Razakars who massacred Hindus in Hyderabad.

Who was Tipu Sultan?

Let us tell you that there is always a controversy in India regarding the celebration of Tipu Sultan's birth anniversary, where the Congress and the Left parties are in favour of celebrating Tipu as a freedom fighter, while the BJP-Shiv Sena tell him as a fighter only for his religion and a cruel ruler who oppresses Hindus. In history also, facts are found which prove the theory of BJP-Shiv Sena to be true. Just look at these words:-

'You guys have to attack the forts. Then keep the sword in front of women and children and make everyone a Muslim. For this, whether they have to be imprisoned or killed, 10-15 thousand people of this district were hanged on trees ten years ago. Since then these trees are still waiting.' These excerpts are from the letter that Tipu Sultan wrote to his commander. It has been mentioned by Mir Hussain Kirmani, the court historian of Tipu Sultan himself, in his book 'History of Tipu Sultan'. However, it is true that Tipu had shown great bravery in fighting the British. But at the same time, he wanted to suppress Marathas, Nizam, Travancore's king, and Coorg. For this, he left no stone unturned in being cruel. His father Hyder Ali had usurped power from the Wodeyar dynasty. Tipu became the king of Mysore in 1782 after Hyder's death. Tipu's cruelty started only after becoming the ruler, In 1788, Tipu Sultan sent a large army to attack Kerala. The famous city of Calicut was destroyed. Hundreds of temples and churches were destroyed one by one. Thousands of Hindus and Christians were converted to Islam on the strength of the sword. Those who did not agree were murdered. 

At the same time, the Karnataka High Court, while hearing a PIL, raised questions about Tipu Sultan being a freedom fighter. The court held that Tipu Sultan was not a freedom fighter, but an emperor who fought to protect his stakes. Karnataka High Court Chief Justice SK Mukherjee's bench said, what is the rationale behind celebrating Tipu Jayanti? Tipu was not a freedom fighter, but an emperor who fought with opponents to protect his interests.

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