Congress leaders reconciled, Mirchi Baba said - 'Govind Singh is my beloved'.
Congress leaders reconciled, Mirchi Baba said - 'Govind Singh is my beloved'.

Bhind: Mirchi Baba was dropped from the Congress platform in Madhya Pradesh's Bhind district. Mirchi Baba was fed up with this. He had opened a front against Congress leader Govind Singh. Govind Singh was also making a statement in anger about Mirchi Baba. Now, former minister and MLA PC Sharma has got the two mediated. Mirchi Baba said that Govind Singh has disrespected The Hindu religion and Dalits. After reconciliation, he said, "Govind Singh, my beloved, we will continue to fight the battle of Cows."   

Along with this, P.C. Sharma met Govind Singh and Mirchi Baba at his residence. Mirchi Baba told reporters that arrangements were a matter of arrangements on the dais. Today we are sitting together for discussion. Govind Singh is my beloved and has affection for me. He said that former CM Kamal Nath's protocol on the dais was fixed. P.C. Sharma, Govind Singh and the battle of Sanatan Dharma are fought. We will always fight the battle of cows.  

Govind Singh said that some persons had created a misunderstanding. I have full respect for saint mahatmas and will continue to do so. I have full faith in Hinduism. I was studying in the fifth standard, since then I have been reading the Hanuman Chalisa, Gayatri Mantra. Hinduism is not safe without saintly Mahatmas. The misunderstanding that existed between me and Baba got away from the conversation.

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