Congress MLA said about the lapse in PM's security- 'Prime Minister's script was good, but...'"

Chandigarh: Politics has intensified in the case of lapse in the security of PM Narendra Modi in Punjab. The matter has now turned into BJP-Congress and there is rhetoric from the leaders of both the parties. Former Madhya Pradesh minister and Congress MLA from Rau Jitu Patwari has criticized the PM in this case. Attacking him, he said that I appreciate your skill because even if you tell lies, then for political conspiracy. To plot votes.

On Thursday, Congress leader Patwari has presented his stand by releasing the video. He started with poetry and said that I appreciate your skill because even if you tell a lie, then for a political conspiracy. The rally went on till noon. BJP President gave speeches. There were 1500 people. 70 thousand seats were vacant. The water was falling too. PM ji had to go by helicopter but suddenly changed the route and had to travel 2 hours by road to the meeting place. SPG Protect: No person can walk more than 15 to 20 kilometers by road, these are the rules of SPG. If you have to go by road then there is raw intelligence, IB, military intelligence, nearby hospital alertness, blood group preparation. Many such preparations are done for the PM, but all of them were negligible. Suddenly the security of the PM gets threatened by the farmers. To those farmers whose 700 friends even after the martyrdom they remained patient. He did not commit any violent incident. Demonstrated patience. Those food donors pose a security threat to the PM, but landing in Pakistan does not pose a security threat.

The same former minister Patwari said that the PM's script was good. But did he expect such a thing? The security of the PM of the country is the security of the country. The country is respected. The head of the country is the crown. Narendra Modi ji, you are the PM of the country before Modiji. be our PM. Each person should be the PM. Your safety is paramount. And while leaving the PM said that telling the Chief Minister saved my life, thank you. Do you think that what will be the effect of this thing at the international level? Have you thought about this? The same minister has said many such things in the video, you can watch this video here.

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