Congress will now open research center on Ramayana-Mahabharata

Amritsar: The Congress in Punjab on Sunday made big announcements to woo the Hindu community. Addressing a gathering at Khati (Phagwara), state CM Charanjeet Singh Channi announced setting up of a special research centre on Ramayana, Mahabharata and ShrimadBhagavad Gita. CM Channi also laid the foundation stone of Lord Parshuram Taposthala during the event. CM Channi said the state-of-the-art research centre will spread the message of these three epics. These epics have been a source of inspiration for humanity for many ages.

This research center will broadcast the message of these epics in a simple way among the general public. Addressing the event, CM Channi said that the state government will develop the taposhan of Lord Parshuram as a state-of-the-art architecture. Efforts are being made to include Shankaracharya for this ambitious project. CM Channi said Rs 75 lakh will be spent on the development of the site associated with Mata Renuka. The responsibility will be entrusted to the Brahmin Welfare Board to ensure proper maintenance of stray animals in the state. CM Channi also announced a budget provision of Rs 2 crore for Lord Parshuram Peeth at Punjabi University. He also announced rs 21 lakh to the Khatti Gram Panchayat.

However, political information is seen as congress' announcements trying to attract Hindu votes in the upcoming assembly elections. On the other hand, some people also say why the Congress, which considers Shri Ram to be a kapol-kalpana, is conducting research on the Ramayana today. In 2013, when the Sethu Samudram project was being debated in the Supreme Court, the then Congress government filed an affidavit saying, 'Shriram was never born, it is only a blank imagination.'  It will now be interesting to see if the Congress manages to attract Hindu voters with these promises or whether voters mirror it .

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