Another big confession of PAK PM Imran Khan after 'no money to run the country'

Islamabad: Pakistan's situation, which is fast going into the pit of poverty, has deteriorated considerably these days. Neither the government has the money left to run the country nor is there a rule of law. Both these things have been admitted by the country's PM Imran Khan himself. Imran has said that Pakistan's resources have been captured by certain people.

Imran Khan said the main reason why the country does not develop is the absence of rule of law. Imran said this in an online interview with American Muslim scholar Sheikh Hamza Yusuf. He is the chief of California's Olive College. According to Pakistani media, in an interview telecast on Pakistan television, Imran Khan said, "The problem is that the elite has captured resources, which has deprived the large population of proper health care, education and justice, Pakistan has not been able to reach that height due to lack of rule of law, Where he should have been.'

Pak PM Imran Khan further said that no society can achieve its potential unless the law is ruled and the biggest problem in developing countries is that there are different laws for the rich and the poor. Imran said he wants to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare country based on the concept of a medina state by the prophet Mohammed.

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