Consumption of coffee reduces the risk of these diseases

Very few people like to drink coffee every day. While coffee is said to be beneficial in terms of health. Recent research has revealed that drinking a cup of coffee regularly also reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. According to research, people who drink a cup of coffee a day have a 12 per cent lower risk of premature death than normal people.

People who drink two cups of coffee every day have an untimely death risk of up to 18 per cent lower than normal people, a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine General. For this, data from a study conducted by the University of Hawaii Cancer Center and the Cake School of Medicine at the University of Southern California was used.
The study had figures of 2.15 million participants. The participants were ethnically diverse enough. By studying them, the researchers wanted to know what is the relationship between their lifestyle and the possibility of cancer.

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