This way aloe vera will increase the shine of your hair

Hair fall has become common. Every woman is very upset with this problem. YIf your hair starts falling out and hair growth is slowing down. Yes, Aloe Vera prevents your hair from falling as well as strengthens them. Applying aloe vera to hair not only makes the hair soft and shiny but also improves its growth. 

* If you have aloe vera in your home, peel it off and remove its gel and apply it on the hair before taking a bath, wash the hair after an hour.

* Add one teaspoon of coconut oil to two teaspoons of aloe vera gel and apply it to the roots of the hair with light hands. Massage the head thoroughly with it and wash your hair after an hour. Hair growth will be good.

* Add onion juice to aloe vera gel and apply it on the hair, leave it on for a while, then wash the hair with a shampoo, reducing hair loss.

* Add a quarter of aloe vera gel to coconut oil and apply it to your hair while sleeping at night. Get up in the morning and wash your hair, which also improves hair growth and reduces hair loss.

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