Entry of these contestants in the house of Telugu Big Boss 3
Entry of these contestants in the house of Telugu Big Boss 3

Hyderabad: Telugu's most popular reality show Big Boss 3 has started its third season on Sunday. Tollywood King Nagarjuna is hosting the third season. Nagarjuna made a spectacular entry to the show which began at 9 pm. Entering the house and performing spectacular dances on the songs of his films. He also sat in the living area and did a gossip.

Nagarjuna was then tasked by the Big Boss to welcome the contestants. So the first came as a contestant was Teen-mar Savitri. Let us know here about these 15 contestants...

Teen Mar Savitri - Savitri (Shiv Jyoti) is as popular as the three news stories in Telangana. Known as Savitrakka in the audience, Savitri came first in the Big Boss house. For a few days, three of her three news stories have not been coming and she was focusing her attention on social media. She was focusing on social media to get into the Big Boss.

She was constantly active on Facebook to increase her fan following. Savitri used to read the news and interviewed celebrities and it became her strength to pronounce in the language of Telangana. This is how people liked her. Whether the magic of Savitri's same Telangana style language in the Big Boss house is going to be known to the audience will tell you the time.

Ravi Krishna- Serial actor Ravi Krishna entered the House as the second participant in the grand opening of the Big Boss show. The Big Boss team, which selects each celebrity from each category, looks like it has given more chance to the cast of the serial this time around. Ravi Krishna, who has been playing the hero in the serial for quite some time, has entered the Big Boss house to see how much viewers love him.

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Ashu Reddy entered the House of the big boss as the third contestant. While the video of Ashu as a Dub Smash makes a splash on social media, it's time to tell how long she lasts in the Big Boss house.

Jafar - The fourth contestant, chief anchor Jaffer entered the Big Boss house. Jaffer, who has gained fame as an anchor on major news channels, is loved by viewers. His style of speech is liked by people. It is to be seen to what extent they are able to show their magic here.

Himja - As the fifth contestant, Himja entered the House of the Big Boss. Himja has also made his mark by working in films with serials. It is time to tell how much he will be liked by big bosses, who have been identified with films like Spider, Mahanubhadu, Undid Vokte Jeevan.

Rahul Sipliganj - Lead singer Rahul Sipliganj as the sixth contestant made a grand entry in Big Boss. As soon as he came to the Big Boss house, he won the hearts of other contestants with his songs. Rahul, who emerges as a Rising Star, makes his own private album and loves his songs. You have to see if their magic goes on here.

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Rohini - As the seventh contestant, actress Rohini entered the Big Boss house. Rohini is known for delivering dialogues in Rayalaseema style. Now, in the Big Boss, it will tell you how wonderful it is to show it.

Baba Bhaskar - As the eighth candidate, Baba Bhaskar entered the House of the Big Boss. With an entry in the house, he made everyone laugh with his comedy. The style of choreographer Baba Bhaskar is different. They are also known for dancing on the set as well as for entertaining everyone. It remains to be seen how much they can stay in the Big Boss house.

Renavi Bhupalam - As the ninth contestant in the Big Boss's house, Renavi Bhupalam entered the Big Boss house. He entertained the audience as Ayeyawam (Sunita) in the Film Uiyala Jampala. To see if she is able to captivate the audience on the show.

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Actress Hema entered as the tenth contestant in the Big Boss. Hema's comedy timing is loved by viewers. Hema was in contention at the time of the election of the Movie Artists Association. She is known for her unastopable opinions. Whether this approach appeals to people in the Big Boss.

Ali Reza - As the eleventh contestant, noted actor Ali Reza entered the Big Boss house. Ali Reza is known to be doing whatever role he gets waiting for success. He played the role of Ram Charan's friend in the sound film. It remains to be seen whether the Big Boss likes the audience.

Mahesh Vita - Mahesh Vita entered the Big Boss's house as the twelfth contestant. Known as a star comedian on YouTube, Mahesh Vita has also worked in films and has a fan following. Here, their fans will be able to see if they live with them.

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Srimukhi - As the thirteenth contestant in the Big Boss house, Srimukhi entered. She is known for her spectacular dance. Everyone loves his Ramulamma steps. It remains to be seen whether his magic can run on the show.

Varun Mesh and Vitika Sheru- As the fourteenth and fifteenth contestants in the house of the Big Boss, Varun Mesh and Vitika Sheru entered. So far, we've seen couples become couples after coming into the Big Boss, but the couple, who are husbands and wives, have come together for the first time. Now, it will be a matter of seeing how these husbands and wives will stay at home. It will also be fun to see both want to win over the Big Boss or get their partner as well.

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