Contestants perform in the 'street singing challenge' round of Super Singer Season 3

The third season of 'Super Singer,' hosted by Jisshu U Sengupta, is presently airing. The producers are going all out to spice up the current season. The show's creators are doing all they can to make the shows engaging, from inviting special guests to adding new rounds. The candidates will be shown expressing their experiences in the 'Street Singing Challenge' as posed by the judges in the forthcoming episode. Kumar Sanu, Sonu Nigam, and Koushiki Chakraborty had requested that the candidates perform in the streets of Kolkata, in disguise, at popular places.

Following the challenge, Kumar Gourab, one of the strongest contestants of this season, had an incredible experience of performing on the street in front of a LIVE audience. He performed in front of Victoria Memorial, Kolkata. People, who were present there, enjoyed his song. Not only that, they gave money to Gourab too. In the upcoming episode, he will be seen sharing the experience with the judges. During the shoot, he said, “I was performing near Victoria Memorial. People enjoyed my song and some of them gave me money out of love. I have kept Rs. 11 from the collection and will give it to my little girl.”


When a little girl shared her chocolate with Soumi, she was taken aback. Suchismita, on the other hand, became teary-eyed when she revealed that a lady had embraced her in affection. Interestingly, the finalists were judged by ordinary people via an app in addition to performing songs.

The judges were moved to learn from the experience throughout the shoot. Sonu Nigam, too, had a similar encounter with the contestants.

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