Conversion game in FIFA world cup.., Knowledge of Islam being circulated with QR code

FIFA World Cup 2022 is being conducted in the Islamic country Qatar. However, Qatar has also imposed various restrictions on stadiums for this big event. There is talk of investigating these restrictions. Not only this, but Qatar has also started being condemned for the way strategies have been made to convert people who have reached Qatar for the World Cup. According to a recent report, the 'Katara Cultural Village' mosque in Qatar's capital Doha has also become a center for attracting non-Muslims to convert.

Media reports say that male and female Mubligants speaking many languages have also been deployed in this mosque. They are telling the people coming to the Mosque in detail about Islam. Not only this but tourists coming here are also being asked to see an electronic board. In this electronic board, Islam has been said in more than 30 languages. After which, books describing the 'introduction' of Islam in different languages have been kept here, and are being distributed among the tourists.

Not only this, Qatar's Ministry of Akaf and Islamic Affairs has erected a pandal outside the FIFA World Cup stadium, where tourists are also being provided 'knowledge' about Islam. Along with this, hadith (words, works, and habits of Prophet Mohammed) have also been written on the walls built on the roadside, so that people who have come to Qatar can be influenced by Islam by reading these hadiths.

Staff and preachers of the Qatar Guest Center have been deployed at the entry gate of the mosque to promote Islam at the Eid Charity Foundation. These people welcome non-Muslims coming here and are also answering their questions about the mosque and Islam. Also, to tell about the atmosphere inside the mosque, tourists have been seen giving information about Islam by entering the mosque after prayers.

Qatar has also tried to display Islam and Muslim culture in the first week of the FIFA World Cup. It has also translated the statements and teachings of Prophet Muhammad written around the capital Doha into many languages including English.

According to several social media accounts, some hotel rooms in Qatar are also providing QR codes to tell tourists about Islam. Not only this, but hotels have also worked to invite foreigners coming to Qatar for the World Cup to tell them about Islamic dress.

It is not just common to discuss Islamic activities in the middle of the Football World Cup. Rather, through which the work of increasing the propagation of Islam is also being done. This is also confirmed by the fact that radical Islamic preacher Zakir Naik was allegedly called to preach Islam among football fans.

Reports say that it was also revealed that Zakir Naik, an Islamic cleric wanted in India for financial fraud and other crimes, had gone to Qatar to propagate Islam. Meanwhile, a video of him in 2016, in which he was converting people to Islam in Qatar, also went viral. The video was definitely old. But, there is also a discussion in social media that with Zakir Naik coming to the FIFA World Cup 2022, some football fans become victims of conversion. However, after India raised questions about this, Qatar clarified that Zakir Naik has not been officially invited to the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup.

On Tuesday (November 22, 2022), many Islamist Twitter handles also started claiming that more than 500 people have converted to Islam. In a tweet, pro-ISIS Islamic activist Majid Freeman wrote, "Allahu Akbar, we have heard from Qatari locals that more than 500 people have recently converted to Islam. However, no concrete media report has been revealed to substantiate this claim.''

Along with this, there have been many reports that a Mexican fan converted to Islam in a mosque in Doha's Cultural Village on the second day of the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. At the same time, a video that went viral on social media on Wednesday (November 23, 2022) showed that a Brazilian family has also started being inspired by an Islamic preacher to pronounce Shahadah (testimony of faith).

Qatar has been linked to Islamic terrorism and has been accused of spreading Islamic extremism several times. Not only this but in recent times, its links with many organizations funding terrorist organizations like Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and Al Qaeda have also been exposed.

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