Too much oil and spices in food, reduce it like this

We put more oil and spices in the food so that its taste increases, however, eating too much oil-spices causes a lot of harm to health. By the way, any dish without oil spices looks dull, but the same oil can also spoil the taste of eating spices. In fact, many times while cooking, the taste of the oil spices is spoiled by not mixing them in the right proportion. You all must have believed that if the oil spices become more or less, then the food starts to look tasteless. In fact, this mistake is more with those people, who sometimes go to the kitchen and they do not know the exact quantity. If you are also on this list and the food oil gets spoiled due to not knowing the correct proportion of spices, then you should not panic. In a few easy ways, you can fix the taste of food. Today we are going to give you some tips that you can adopt.
Boiled potatoes will come to work - If you are cooking curry vegetable and there is more oil in it, then mix some boiled potatoes in curry vegetables and cover and cook the vegetable for five minutes. In fact, the extra oil of the vegetable will absorb the potato and the amount of oil spices will be equal. Apart from this, if there is less spice or salt, then mix it and cook the vegetable.

Tomato puree - If the oil masala in the vegetable is more, then, first of all, separate the oil from the upper layer of the vegetable. Then add tomato puree to it. This will reduce the vegetable oil and also increase the taste. At the same time, if the oil spices are more in the dry vegetable, then squeeze the vegetable in the pan and remove it by separating it from the oil. Now add tomato puree to the remaining oil in the embroidery and cook. During this time, when the puree is cooked, add the cooked vegetable from the top and cover it for two minutes and cook on a low flame.

Gram flour - If any kind of dry vegetable has more different oil, then to reduce its oil and increase the taste of the vegetable, roast the Gram flour lightly in it and mix it from the top. At the same time, cook the vegetable for a while until it is well wrapped in Gram flour. By doing this, the vegetable will look crunchy and delicious.

If there is more oil in the bread-curry vegetables, dry toasted bread crumbs can be added to it. If there is more oil, the bread absorbs it and keeps the taste equal.

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