Identify if your immunity is strong or weak in this way, these are the symptoms

Apr 13 2021 03:37 PM
Identify if your immunity is strong or weak in this way, these are the symptoms

Corona infection has already created a ruckus all over the world, all are suffering from the second wave of coronavirus. Many vaccines have also come. But everyone is suggesting to increase immunity. But the question is, how can you know if your immunity is weak or strong? There are several reasons why the immune system is weak. Naturally normal children have so much immunity that they fight many types of infections without medication. But sometimes our lifestyle and troubles also weaken immunity. This increases the risk of damage from the virus. One reason for this is that if a person is already struggling with a disease, then the immunity in him is less.

Apart from this, it is also reduced by addiction such as smoking or alcohol. In many people, the immune system is also weakened due to the difficulty of sleeping or not eating properly. According to Nutritionist, Dietician, and Fitness Expert Manisha Chopra, if you see these five signs of weak immunity in your body, then you need to increase your immunity. Manisha says that a strong immune system gives us the ability to fight many diseases. If you feel that you are mostly sick, you are constantly weak, or have a headache every day, then your immunity system is week. Apart from this, there are some other symptoms that you can guess ...

Here are some symptoms of poor immunity: -

• Blackness under the eyes
• Not feeling fresh after getting up in the morning
• Low energy level
throughout the day 

•Inability to concentrate on anything
• Stomach upset
• Feeling irritable,
•Getting sick very easily 

•Feeling of slackness Get tired soon

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