Will Corona end in summer? know the truth here

Apr 11 2020 01:32 PM
Will Corona end in summer? know the truth here

When Corona is wreaking havoc, it is being speculated that this virus cannot survive in the heat, how much truth is there in this, it cannot be said, but it has come to the fore if we check the conditions There are many diseases that raise heads when the weather changes. They end as the weather changes. Seasonal fever is its most common example. 

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In the plains, measles often spreads in the summer season. Whereas, in tropical areas, the disease spreads most during the dry season. The Kovid-19 virus first started spreading in China in December. And since then, this virus is continuously spreading. It has caused havoc in the countries of America and Europe. So far it has been seen that it is spreading very fast in cold areas. At the same time, in areas where there are a little cold and a little hot weather, its speed is slow. So it is believed that this virus will end with the onset of the summer season. Although many knowledgeable, still do not agree.

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Researchers are assuming that Covid-19 thrives in a cold and dry environment only. But now the countries where the virus has is spreading include very hot and humid countries. However, many unpublished research has claimed that rising temperature will slow down the virus. However, many experts do not agree with this. 

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