The name of this smart crow species is similar to corona
The name of this smart crow species is similar to corona

Coronavirus infection has created a furore across the world. At the same time every country is trying its best to avoid this virus. But today we are going to tell you about crows with similar species, which are very clever. Although monkeys are considered to be the most clever among animals, but crows are also very sharp. They have the ability to mold themselves under any circumstances.

Crows belonging to the family of a species called covird are the most intelligent. This species also includes Neelkanth, Meena and Pahari Crows. Cows of the covird species make their life possible under any special circumstances. Not only this, they are also able to get their dose easily from the anonymous place. With the help of straws and twigs, these crows get rid of the insects and mites that are hidden in the trunk of the tree. Their species has been studied by experts. In this study it was found that these crows work very wisely.

Neukartics are commonly found in the brains of monkeys, langurs and humans. Because of which he is considered smart. But flakes of neurones or brain cells are found in the brains of covirds of the species, which increases their intelligence. It is because of their intelligence that these crows have the ability to mold themselves in a difficult situation. Experts, however, believe that it is not the only birds that do the work of the food. Parrots, champagne, crocodiles and many insects also have the ability to remember.

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