Corona wreaks havoc in Islamic countries, this country is included in top 3
Corona wreaks havoc in Islamic countries, this country is included in top 3

Islamabad: In today's time, either disease or any disaster becomes a crisis on human life. One of which is the coronavirus, this is such a disease, which has not been able to break any. More than 2 lakh 58 thousand deaths have occurred due to this virus, while millions of people have been infected with this virus. It is a bit difficult for scientists to say how long will be able to get rid of this disease. Even developed countries of Europe and American continent have not been able to get rid of it. Research on its vaccine is going on fast in the whole world. America has the highest number of infected people in the world.

US Army cuts edge due to coronavirus origin

According to the information, the highest number of cases have been reported in Spain in Europe. Russia currently has the highest number of cases in Asia. South Africa is the most afflicted in Brazil and Africa in South America. The virus has caught Australia on the Australian continent. Regarding the corona, we have been continuously informing you about its impact on different regions, continents. Today in this category, we will tell you how it is affecting in Islamic countries.

America's condition deteriorates due to Corona's attack

Currently there are 57 member countries of the Organization of Islamic Co-operation. All these member countries are also forced to bear Corona at this time. Talking about the top ten countries suffering from Corona, it includes Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Qatar, UAE, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Malaysia and Kuwait. According to WorldOmeter data, two of India's neighboring countries Pakistan is at number three in this list, while Bangladesh is at number 7 in it. Two Islamic countries are included in the list of the ten most affected countries in the world. Of these, Turkey is at number eight and Iran at number 10.

American Defense Secretary said this about coronavirus

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