More than 2 thousand people lost their lives in 24 hours in America
More than 2 thousand people lost their lives in 24 hours in America

Washington: The outbreak of Corona that is getting increased suddenly takes the form of epidemic for the whole world. This virus has caught more than 2 lakh 58 thousand deaths so far. But still this death game has not stopped. This virus has rocked the whole world today. 

US Army cuts edge due to coronavirus origin

Super Power America is badly affected by the coronavirus havoc. During the last 24 hours, more than 2 people have died due to the deadly epidemic. Whereas on Tuesday, this number was one thousand. The total number of deaths from Covid-19 in the country has reached beyond 71 thousand. According to John Hopkins University, 2,333 people have died due to the coronavirus epidemic in the US during the last 24 hours. In the country, the death toll from Covid-19 has increased to 71,031, while the total number of people infected with the virus has increased to 12 lakh 03 thousand 673 in the US.

America's condition deteriorates due to Corona's attack

America's New York is most affected by the coronavirus. In New York state alone, more than 1.25 lakh people are infected. So far, 25 thousand victims have died. The neighboring state of New Jersey also has more than 1.25 lakh cases. Whereas in the whole America, more than 1.2 million ten thousand people are vulnerable to Corona. Nearly 70 thousand have died. Preparations have begun to reopen the closed economy in the state. Governor Andrew Cuomo said, it is not permanent to keep everything closed forever. Meanwhile, in the US media, quoting an internal draft report of the government, it has been warned that from next month the pandemic may become more frightening. It has been feared that from June 1, there will be more than three thousand deaths in the country daily and more than two lakh new cases of infection will come out. The White House and the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), however, denied any such report.

American Defense Secretary said this about coronavirus

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