Corona package is the way to give relief to people affected by lockdown

May 20 2020 05:40 PM
Corona package is the way to give relief to people affected by lockdown

Looking at the long list of reforms at the time of the Corona package announced by PM Modi, the question may arise as to why at this time? It is one thing to create an independent India. But it should also not be forgotten that the government has actually shot two targets with one stone. In his first term, for the Prime Minister who had faced heavy opposition to GST, the era of the challenge also brought opportunity. All the reforms that have been done have been efforts for a long time, but it was so engulfed in a spiral of controversies that it never landed on the ground. It is believed that the desire to move forward and in the competition is that at the moment it will not be opposed at the political level. At the same time, reforms will also start in states. Actually, these reforms will be the foundation of self-reliant India.

The previous governments never tried to remove the outdated provisions of this law. In the case of food grains, the country has become self-sufficient and now has started exporting. Nevertheless, in the list of banned commodities, potatoes and onions remain with rice, wheat, pulses and oilseeds. Due to this, the food processing sector, exporters and large consumers in these commodities where difficulties were faced, which directly affect the interests of farmers. The government has taken a step towards major reform by deciding to exclude these commodities.

This provision, also known as the APMC or Mandi Act, has become a problem for farmers. The interest of the states has been coming in the way of amendment or removal of it. Political reasons are also important along with economic interests. The interest of political parties is affected by the formation of local committees. The monopoly of middlemen remains in the business of agricultural produce. In 1999, for the first time, the then Atal Bihari Vajpayee government sent a model APMP Act to the states to amend it, but the states showed no enthusiasm.

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