Lockdown affects Naxalites to a great extent

In the current situation, Naxalism is considered one of the biggest internal security threats of India. The current epidemic and subsequent outbreak of lockdown have affected Naxalites differently. During this time, their supply of food and other essential items has also been affected. In all the Left Wing Extremism affected states, anarchic elements like Maoist-Naxalites purchase ration and other essential commodities for themselves mainly from village-level Haat markets. They are currently facing a terrible shortage of food supply due to the temporary closure of these hot markets.

For your information, let us tell you that the situation of lockdown has increased the frustration of Maoists and they are exploiting the villagers to fulfill their purpose. The Maoists had reportedly offered a unilateral ceasefire in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha earlier this month, especially in areas under the Andhra-Odisha Border Special Zonal Committee. The Maoists say that they have done this to facilitate the relief operations of the government in their core areas to fight Kovid-19, but it is believed that this proposal is opportunistic and misleading.

The reality in this situation is that they want to keep the path open for the supply of materials needed for themselves so that they do not face any problem. These militants may have offered a cease-fire, seeing the crisis looming over their heads, but many incidents that have taken place during the past month show that their intentions have not changed. In such a situation, the Central Government needs to implement a coherent national strategy to end Naxalism. The solution to this problem can be determined by constant dialogue between the Naxal leaders and the concerned government officials.

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