Pakistan increases defence budget from money given by IMF for corona crisis

Islamabad: At an April 16 meeting, the International Monetary Fund approved Pakistan's PM Imran Khan's request for $ 1.4 million in aid to combat the Corona epidemic.  Surjit Bhalla, the Indian representative of the board, expressed doubt. Bhalla said that Pakistan can use this fund to increase its defense budget. Therefore IMF should keep track of this fund.

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Bhalla had said that the IMF should monitor to ensure that IMF's help is used only for the corona and there is no division of these resources in other areas such as security. Nor should it be used to service any huge debt liabilities. Bhalla said that earlier there were reports that Pakistan had done all this. Now in less than a month, it has been seen that the Indian economist made the right prediction for Pakistan.

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Pakistan's Ministry of Defense has last week increased its army personnel salaries by 20% for the next financial year. A leaked Defense Ministry memorandum stated that the Joint Staff Headquarters had proposed an increase in consultation with the Army Headquarters. Those observing Pakistan in India say that Pakistan gives the largest part of the budget to the army under military pressure.

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