Kerala CM wrote letter to PM Modi due to this reason
Kerala CM wrote letter to PM Modi due to this reason

CM Pinnarai Vijayan of Kerala has demanded from Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the stranded Indian people and people of southern states be airlifted due to the coronavirus spread in Wuhan, China. In the letter to PM Modi, Vijayan has said that 'Things are getting worse in Wuhan'.

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The state government has received information about this matter that many students studying in Wuhan University and other universities are trapped where there are situations like a graveyard. Special aircraft should be arranged to bring the stranded people back safely so that people can return to their home country. He told that he has also written twice to Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar regarding this matter.

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To reflect the situation of the state, Vijayan has also written in the letter that if any patient of Coronavirus is found in any part of Kerala, India, then he is ready to provide medical help for his treatment. All those who will return from Wuhan will help them in providing better medical facilities. He expressed a wish in the letter that special instructions should be given to the Indian Embassy in China to extend all possible help to the Indian people present there. Especially those trapped in Wuhan and Yichang.

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