If you want to avoid Corona, then keep these things in mind

Dehradun: Now the havoc of Corona rising on one side has increased so much. That there is only a view of Tawahi everywhere. As of now, the number of people who have died from this virus has been several thousand. The fear of this virus is spread among people. At the same time, from the administration and administration of the Coronavirus in Uttarakhand, the Health Department is taking precautionary steps to prevent its infection. Schools, colleges, malls, gyms, parks etc. have been closed. In the midst of all this, people now have a panic situation due to mild cough, cold. People are running to the hospital when they feel similar symptoms of corona. Many patients are also pressing for an investigation.

How did 'Kim Jong' control coronavirus?

Doctors told that in view of the infection of corona, non-veg or egg is not to be eaten?. On this, the doctors said that it is not that the corona spreads through non-veg. He told that in our country we do not eat uncooked meat etc. Chances are when cutting meat and there is your presence. Cat is a bat, any virus can come from there. But when you are cooking and eating then there is no problem.

France Government ordered every citizen to be in home for next 15 days due to corona

Cloth masks are not at all beneficial in preventing corona. Anyway, wearing masks of clothes for a long time, germs start growing on them. Therefore, do not wear a cloth mask for more than three to four hours. After that, wash it with clean water and dry it in sunlight or use it again after sanitizing.

China defeats corona virus, wave of happiness worldwide

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