Corona infection spreading due to these people in the country

The coronavirus infection is spreading rapidly due to the mistakes of some people in the lockdown, despite the constant advice from the government and experts to maintain a constant physical distance, it is worrisome. In such a situation, the advice of Dr Anil Mahajan, a former member of the Medical Council of India and head of the Department of Medicine Department of Jammu Medical College, becomes very important.

CM Shivraj will address the people of the state through this medium at 8 pm tomorrow

During the outbreak of this virus, for the safety of yourself and others, the traffic is not right, stay there. To go somewhere, to trouble others along with ourselves. Corona will have to be bought into the crowd. Many times people understand that they are safe, do not make such a mistake. It can be eliminated only by breaking the transition chain.

The nephew of the councilor's shot dead, investigation underway

This disease has spread in the country due to those people who have hidden the information about coming from abroad and roamed here and there. First, the people closest to him were infected. If someone's immune system is good, the symptoms of the disease appear late in him, but during this time he keeps infecting others. Get people in touch and keep yourself in quarantine.

China will organise mourning day in memory of medical personnel martyred in battle with Corona

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