Corona: Uttarakhand's recovery rate improves, but infection continues to surge

Dehradun: The situation of COVID-19 infection has changed in the state of Uttarakhand. While the infection rate graph is increasing, the recovery rate is also improving. The recovery rate has improved by 6.18 percent even after receiving excessive COVID-19 patients in Unlock-4. The infection rate has increased by 1.77 percent.

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About 6.45 lakh persons have been tested since the first patient of COVID-19 infection in the state has been received. After the unlock-4 from September one, covid-19 infected cases were speeded up in the state. More than two thousand patients were also found in unlock-4 in a day. But, for the last three days, the number of patients who are healthy is higher than the infections. On September 1, the state's recovery rate was 68.69 percent and the transition rate was 5.40 percent.

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The recovery rate in the then has gone up to about 75 percent. While the infection rate graph has increased to 7.17 percent. Health secretary Amit Singh Negi says 'more patients are getting healthier than the infections in the then. The investigation has increased in the earlier requirement. The recovery rate has improved. All possible efforts are being made by the Government and the Department to prevent COVID-19 infection. At the same time, the situation is now a little better than the earlier situation in the state, and we need to protect ourselves. Also, the guidelines issued by the Government need to be adhered to.'

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