Scientists claims 'Coronavirus vaccine will come in early 2021'

Aug 06 2020 03:16 PM
Scientists claims 'Coronavirus vaccine will come in early 2021'

Washington: The crisis arising out of the covid-19 epidemic around the world is now increasing rapidly. Meanwhile, people all over the world are waiting for the covid-19 vaccine. Meanwhile, a top US infectious disease specialist has made a big disclosure about the covid-19 vaccine. America's largest infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony Fasi has said that by the beginning of next year, the vaccine of covid-19 is going to be ready. Not only this, he has said that by the beginning of next year, more than 100 crore doses of covid-19 vaccine are going to be prepared.

America's biggest infectious disease expert Anthony Fassi has told this truth in a testimony given to the news agency. With which he claimed that by the start of next year, Kovid-19 was successful in making millions of doses of vaccine. According to the information received, with which he has expressed hope that with the help of vaccine we will be able to defeat and overcome the infection of Kovid-19, which has so far lost more than 7 lakh people worldwide. Millions of vaccine supplements will be available in the US in early 2021 of this virus.

Fasi has said that the target of vaccine dose for the coming year is going to be fulfilled. Because the pharmaceutical manufacturer can prepare for its rapid manufacture for large supply of vaccines. Which saves time

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