Coronavirus will stay atleast 10 years with us, Pfizer Scientist
Coronavirus will stay atleast 10 years with us, Pfizer Scientist

The world’s first approved coronavirus vaccine maker has warned the people that he believes the deadly coronavirus may survive for several years to come. Lead scientist behind Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine, Ugur Sahin, said that “The virus will stay with us for the next 10 years". He added, “We need to get used to the fact there’ll be more outbreaks". 

For a question when he believes the world might be able to return to normal, Sahin responded: “We need a new definition of ‘normal’.” He defined that a “new normal” would not mean countries having to go into lockdown and that scenario could be possible “by the end of the summer”. Ugur Sahin, chief executive of Germany's BioNTech, partnered with US drug company Pfizer and took less than a year to find, prepare, test and get a vaccine approved. 

The Scientist also urged caution on whether 60-70% of the world’s population being vaccinated would be enough to prevent further outbreaks. He added, the herd immunity will be created if 60 to 70 per cent of the World's population is vaccinated. With new announcements about different variants around the world, experts believe herd immunity, mandatory mask usage, sanitization, adopting Safety protocols are the ways to protect people from deadly virus. 

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