Global South is the word that describes the developing nations
Global South is the word that describes the developing nations

Global south is referred for the countries that are still in the developing phase and where political conditions are bolstering the contemporary social movements which are mainly based in the southern part of the world covering Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

There are total of 78 countries in the Global South which was determined by the United Nations' Finance Center for South-South Cooperation. The global south is often referred as the ‘third world’.

World economic altitude is making a change from north to south. There are certainly signs that the new economic strength of developing countries is being accompanied by transformations in existing arrangements of global governance dominated by industrialized countries. 

Developing countries are now coming out in front foot and participating in the world forums. The developing countries themselves have formed several alliances or blocs which challenge the global dominance of the north. With these institutions, they defend and put their interest forward, particularly in the development of the international law field.

Forums like the G77, the G24, the G20 and the G33 provides a common platform to developing countries to coordinate negotiating positions in multilateral regimes based on common shared agendas. The leaders of developing countries are also becoming more local and presenting their visions at world level.

Development in the economics department is the primary focused area of the Global South, to develop equality and make a structural change. The global south id mostly dependent on the agriculture sector of their country but due to the drastic change in climate, it has appeared to be a problem for the developing nation. The top 10 countries of the South contribute around 78% of the group's emissions.      

This discussion of the 'Global South' as a discursive construction is triggered by a reflection that stems from long-term research on narratives of conflict, within which disputes involving Palestine and Africa have been the central focus. The Global South is part of a dynamic and complex cultural and political spatiality weaved within significant intercultural relations and signifying practices.

The perspective, within the gesture inscribed in the narration – in the textures of narratives – categories such as 'North/South' are built; a gesture that either reiterates dominant powers, maximizing differences interwoven in the conflicts, or inscribes power relations in a more complex narrative mode. The geographies of power inscribed in these narratives highlight hegemonies, represented by the slave owners, dominant economic actors, good dealers and the block of 'Western'/'Northern' nations. 

The global north is more economically developed than the global south which created countries that lack resources due to poorly managed agriculture, pollution, poor quality of life, low GDO, and many more concepts.

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