Couple who had a love marriage a year ago consumed poison, husband's death, wife's condition critical
Couple who had a love marriage a year ago consumed poison, husband's death, wife's condition critical

Lucknow: Acouple who had a love marriage in Uttar Pradesh's Kanpur have tried to kill themselves together by consuming poison within a year. In which the husband has died, while the condition of the wife is said to be critical. Economic hardship and illness are being cited as the reasons for this suicidal move. The police are also investigating from other angles. According to Kanpur police, Gopal Vaishya (30), a resident of Chakeri, used to work as a shuttering agent.  

About a year ago, he had a love marriage with Rupa of Gwalior. The duo had been living on rent in the house of Aditya Dwivedi, a resident of Raja Market in Ahirwan, for six months. On Monday morning, when the two did not leave the room, the landlord went into the room and saw that both of them were lying face down on the ground. On receiving the information, police of Chakeri police station rushed to the spot to investigate. The police sent both of them to Kanshiram Hospital. Where the doctors declared Gopal dead. While Roopa is undergoing treatment. His condition remains critical.

Initial investigation by the police has revealed that Gopal used to have epileptic seizures. Roopa had also been ill for several days. Because of this, both of them have taken the step of committing suicide together. From the medicines found in the room, it is suspected that an attempt has been made to commit suicide by taking an overdose of medicines. The family members of the youth have been informed. ACP Cantt reported that the couple were struggling with illness and financial hardships. According to the landlord and the neighbours, the couple had been missing for the past one week. I stopped talking to everyone. Suddenly, when the two meet in an unconscious state, the gesture is being pointed to the self-interest. Medicines were also recovered from the room. Forensic investigations have not found anything suspicious.

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