Court hearing was going on online then the young man started dancing naked and..."
Court hearing was going on online then the young man started dancing naked and...

New Delhi: These days the trend of online meetings is increasing even more. Court proceedings have also started happening virtually online. During this, a strange incident has been found to be seen in the virtual hearing of a court. Actually, amidst the hearing, a video of a man dancing in a naked condition started appearing on the camera. Seeing this, the senses of the people present in the hearing including the judge were blown away. Let us tell you that this case is from the country of Peru, where the charges of corruption against President Pedro Castillo were being heard in the virtual court. But during this time a naked video of a Brazilian mail stripper started playing online amid hearings. Seeing this, people were shocked and the hearing had to be adjourned for some time.

Not only this, this hearing was being telecast live on the TV channel of the country. The video of the incident has started going viral on social media. Prosecutor's lawyer Samuel identified the person performing the dance as Ricardo Milos. It can be seen in the video that as soon as the dance video of stripper Ricardo Milos surfaced during the hearing, people ask who is this. A person asked with which email id did this person login. It was later revealed that he had been logged in with the user account of Benji Espinosa, a member of Pedro Castillo's own defense team.

At the same time, Benji Espinosa says that he has no role in this incident, because his computer was hacked. He spoke to Reuters in this regard. Reports say President Castillo is currently facing investigations into alleged corruption in his government, social protests, and a decline in popularity after 10 months in power. Peru's attorney general's office announced on Sunday that it had included President Pedro Castillo in an investigation into alleged crimes including peddling, collusion and "criminal organization".

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