Police reopen operations after Tis Hazari dispute, police handles security

New Delhi: After the end of the ongoing strike in the courts of Delhi after the Tees Hazari court dispute in Delhi, the work in the courts has started going smoothly since Saturday. Police reached the court premises, as well as commanding the security of the court. At the same time, the lawyers have also returned to their work. Tight security arrangements have also been made outside Tis Hazari Court as a precaution.

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According to the police officer, after the order from the district judges of all the courts on Saturday, now the lockups of all the courts will also be opened from Sunday. The lockups were closed because of the strike. Inmates were not being brought into lockup from jails as trial cases were closed. The damaged part has been repaired after the sabotage in the lockup of Tis Hazari Court. It is expected that the trial in the courts will begin as before Monday. Inmates will be brought to the district courts on dates.

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Instructions have been issued to be vigilant at both levels so that there should not be any kind of confrontation between the lawyers and the policemen about the vehicles being parked outside the lockup. The trial in the courts has not been held for the last 14 days due to the strike.

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