Many strict rules issues in view of increasing corona cases

In the UK, a huge number of Coronavirus patients have been reported in the last 24 hours. According to the numbers released on Saturday, 19,875 people have been tested corona positive. The total number of cases of Covid in the country has reached 1,493,383. In Britain, 341 people lost their lives in 24 hours. This is also a record. So far 5, 4626 people have died in the country from Covid. The second wave of Covid in Britain has intensified the government's concern.

Concerns expressed during Christmas festival: Former British government chief scientific advisor Mark Walport on Saturday has expressed concern over the festival between Christmas. He said that big festivals have no meaning during the Covid epidemic. His warning came after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson reportedly hinted to consider loosening the rules on the Mid-Christmas Feast of the Coronavirus epidemic. He informed that various families have been issued permission to meet at the festival. Mark of this Central Scientific Advisory Group said that in the meantime people need to follow the rules. He said that if the rules are not followed, the crisis of infection can increase even more rapidly.

Britain ranks seventh in terms of infections: Britain ranks 7th in the world in terms of coronavirus infection. If compared to European countries in terms of the number of infected, France and Spain remain the leading nations compared to Britain. Spain is ranked sixth on the list of the world. The number of infected people in Spain has crossed 1,589,219. The number of people killed by Covid in the country has crossed 42,619. France ranks 8th in terms of Covid's patients. In France, the number of infected people has crossed 2,127,051. The number of Covid deaths in the country is over 48,518.

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