'Creativity is the common denominator of all the artists'- Aarvee Music also known as Sant Kumar
'Creativity is the common denominator of all the artists'- Aarvee Music also known as Sant Kumar

Nevertheless, the music industry will continue to unfold with new technical advances and updated laws about several streaming platforms; one thing that is obvious for composers, musicians, and producers who pour music right from the depth of their heart, there will always be a mass of music lovers who will relish and endorse true musicianship.

For this love of music, the musicians across the world are working tirelessly to keep up with the demands of the drastically changing world. Sant Kumar better known as Aarvee Music ,from Jammu is a scintillating face in this field. This 21 year old, young fellow has made it to releasing 5 songs in a series,one following the other. Scaree released on September 27, Fortune released on November 13, King released on December 22 , Supersonic released on January 27 and Trap released on February 15 are his songs which have successfully bagged him a ton of success strories.

The number of listeners of his songs on Spotify is scaling heights day by day.Talking about the growth of music industry he says, 'As the modern times have seen a flood of new trends in music, it is apt to expect something new every now and then. This urge to create something unprecedented keeps me moving in the direction of creativity and growth. This industry is blessed with artists that create magic through notes and I strive to be one of them.'

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