Sachin Tendulkar married to 6 years older Pediatrician doctor Anjali

Feb 13 2020 01:45 PM
Sachin Tendulkar married to 6 years older Pediatrician doctor Anjali

February is called the month of love and it has started. It is said that there is no age to love, it is a feeling in which two hearts are together and for this, there is no time, no special day and no special opportunity to be discovered, but express Valentine's Day- Special has been said for A-Ishq. In this episode, we will talk about the stars of the cricket world, whose story of love is no less than an exciting match.

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in the early 90s, Sachin Tendulkar was rapidly gaining recognition in the cricket world and had also become the new 'run machine' of Team India. The media had also given him the name of master-blaster and this star with curly hair had made a place in everyone's heart, especially among young female fans. Riding on the score of runs, this precious star of cricket did not have the time to romance many girls and breaking the fragile heart of thousands of beauties, on May 24, 1995, at the age of 22, she was 6 years older than him. Married to pediatrician doctor Anjali. This sudden marriage broke thousands of beautiful hearts in one stroke.

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the master-blaster who speaks with the bat on the field and Anjali's love story is also no less interesting. The two first met about 5 years before their marriage. In 1990, when Sachin was returning home after visiting England at Mumbai airport, Anjali was also there and met him there. When Anjali saw Sachin at the airport for the first time, she found him very cute. After which Anjali ran to the back of the master-blaster for the autograph. Anjali made several efforts to meet Sachin. Even reaching the home of Sachin by becoming a false journalist. After this first meeting, both of them romanced for about five years, but the special thing was that no one even got news of it. The two revealed their relationship in 1994 when they engaged in New Zealand.

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