Cheated for 20 lakhs in the name of sending abroad, two accused arrested!

Sep 11 2019 05:47 PM
Cheated for 20 lakhs in the name of sending abroad, two accused arrested!

Dehradun: A case of cheating of Rs 20 lakh has been reported in Uttarakhand. In the name of sending abroad, this fraud took place, the police have arrested two people, including a woman, in the name of sending funds from abroad to a fraudulent amount of Rs 20 lakh from a ration dealer.

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So far there has been the talk of about Rs 90 lakh transactions in their bank accounts. This action has been taken by the cyber police. STF DIG Riddhim Agarwal said that a woman was contacted by phone and e-mail from Ravindra Rawat, a ration dealer resident of Kotdwar.

The woman had offered to do business by sending funds from abroad. Fueled by greed, Ravindra transferred Rs 20 lakh to various accounts of the woman and her alleged owner. The victim had sold jewelry along with the deposited capital. The case was filed and was handed over to inspector Amar Chand Sharma.

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The evidence was compiled through mobile numbers, bank accounts, e-mails and CCTV footage used in the fraud. The investigation team, interrogating the suspects from Delhi, Haryana, and Noida, found out that a gang of Nigerian criminals is organizing and committing such crimes. According to DIG Aggarwal, the cyber station police arrested Manoj Kumar, resident of Tind district, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh and woman Lalmal Swami resident Manipur from West Delhi.

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