Crime Tamil Nadu: 2 youths surrender before police over killing of blackmailer
Crime Tamil Nadu: 2 youths surrender before police over killing of blackmailer

CHENNAI: Two youth surrendered themselves to Tiruvallur police in Tamil Nadu in connection with the murder of a 21-year-old college student who allegedly blackmailed and demanded money from two class 10 girls.

Premkumar, the alleged college student, was in a relationship with two class 10 girls he met on social media platforms. The girls, who are close friends and classmates, had no idea the alleged accused was dating both of them. He allegedly extorted Rs 1,000,000 from both girls by threatening to post photographs of them on social media if they did not give him money. Later, the girls discovered that Premkumar was taking money from both of them and demanding more.

The girls contacted their friend Ashok, whom they had met on social media, and asked him to assist them in obtaining Premkumar's mobile phone and erasing their objectionable photographs.

According to police, the murder has come to light when villagers in Eachangadu, Tiruvallur, found human hair and bloodied teeth, which led them to a body buried in a desolate location. The investigation of Premkumar's body and his mobile phone, which the police seized from his body, led to the two girls' identities, and when questioned, the girls revealed information about Ashok.

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