Murdered: Young man who went to defecate with his companions

Mar 30 2021 10:20 AM
Murdered: Young man who went to defecate with his companions

Arrah: The teenager was shot dead by criminals for defecation last night in the Arrah district of Bihar. After the incident, he was admitted to Sadar Hospital for treatment, where after first aid, doctors referred him to Patna in view of his alarming condition. The incident is in the village of Kaup in the Charpokhari police station area of the district. The injured young man is shot in the lower side of the abdomen, which is trapped inside.

The injured teen was also said to have been identified as Gulshan Bharti, a 20-year-old son of Kasup village resident Anil Paswan. In connection with the incident, the family members said that on Monday evening, when the teenager was moving away from the village for defecation, he was shot in a suspicious situation, causing him to be seriously injured.

Police investigating the case: According to information received, the injured cousin Ujwal Bharti said that he had gone out for defecation with his two accomplices. Meanwhile, unidentified criminals attacked us with the bullet. So far, the incident has not been fully clarified. The police are investigating the matter from its level.

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