Cultural city: Sicily Italy

Jun 27 2021 11:40 AM
Cultural city: Sicily Italy

Don’t you even dare call a Sicilian ‘Italian’. Sure, Sicily is technically part of Italy, but when it comes to cultural identity the wonderful Sicilians are very staunch in their separation from mainlanders. And when you visit, you can appreciate this. While the warmth of the people and the quality of the coffee is definitely reminiscent of the mainland, the influences of many other cultures can be seen in just about ever facet of the island.

Located at such a critical point in the Mediterranean means that this island has been exposed to African, Eastern, and European food and architecture. This makes it wonderfully unique and the food is without a doubt some of the best that you’ll ever wrap your lips around.

Mount Etna looms over the east side of the island and the effects of her activity are visible. Other parts of the island will offer lush forests, towering mountains, or stunning beaches. History buffs will love the archaeological sites of the Valley of the Temples and the Acropolis, while outdoor lovers will love the variety of water sports and hiking on offer.

The secluded beach of Spiaggia Valle i Muria is a secret gem hidden between sheer cliffs outside of Lipari. If you can get a car and get yourself there, you won’t be disappointed in this scenic treat.

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