Aamir Khan's Advertisement: Customer refuses to get FD, know the whole matter
Aamir Khan's Advertisement: Customer refuses to get FD, know the whole matter

Ratlam: Nowadays there are many big celebs who advertise and people are very happy to see them in the ad. But recently there was a piece of news where a young man got angry when he saw Aamir Khan in the ad and took a big decision. In fact, the case relates to customer Rajkumar Panchal who hails from Ujjain. He has an account with AU Bank in Ratlam and has also financed a car from the bank.

However, now when the banker asked him about getting FD done on the phone before Rakhi, Rajkumar said that 'You are getting the bank's advertisement done by a person who sees intolerance in this country with the money of the customers. His family and wife see a danger here. The person who spoils the image of tolerance of the country should first be removed from the advertisement only then he will invest money with the bank.' Yes, and the customer even said that 'Where did the customer of the bank earn from the money of the customers and with that money, he is making actor Aamir Khan the brand ambassador, who spoils the image of tolerance of the country.' Yes, the audio of the conversation between the bank representative and the customer has gone viral but till now there is no official confirmation about it. On the other hand, AU Bank officials have confirmed such conversations with the bank's employees over the phone.

An official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said, "The customer's objection has been conveyed to senior officials of the bank. The bank is yours, the subject is yours. Who is earning from you? I have nothing to do with it, but we have money in the bank. Banks are running with our money. 90 percent of the customers in your bank are Hindustanis. They will be Hindus. You are running an advertisement from a person whose family, the person, his wife is intolerant by our country. Which is threatened in our country. Our culture, our thinking, the beliefs that have been going on for thousands of years, are suffering from everything we have. The country that has not attacked anyone intolerant.''

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