Dandruff in beard, so follow these tips
Dandruff in beard, so follow these tips

In today's time, the youth prefer the dense bearded look the most. Yes, and for this, they also work very hard and grow their beard. However, the problem comes when the problem of dandruff begins to develop in the beard. Yes and because of this, you have the problem of itching, but at the same time, you have to be ashamed in front of others. Now today we are going to give you some tips, keeping in mind that the problem of dandruff will be removed from the beard. 

* First of all, mix both a cup of water and glycerine in a spray bottle. After mixing well, spray this mixture on both your face and beard. In fact, dry skin needs to be kept moisturized frequently. In such a situation, it will moisturize the skin as well as it will keep the beard nourished.

* Do not use hair shampoo or face wash to clean your beard, but rather wash the beard with the help of a good herbal beard washing product and clean your beard thoroughly. Keep in mind that to remove the dead cells under the hair, scrub it and it will be best to wash your beard with cold water.

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