Darsha Amavasya: Night of the Moon God

Jul 12 2018 08:32 AM
Darsha Amavasya: Night of the Moon God

The Hindu Calender defines the Darsha Amavasya as the 'No Moon Day'. It is considered as a perfect day to perform rituals for the peace of the souls of our forefathers. Devotees devote their meals to the Moon God and even accept fasts in order to please the 'Chandra Dev'.

Chandra Dev or Moon God has been prioritised to be the most important amongst all the Navagrahas, as per the rituals of Hinduism. 

On this day, people worship the Moon God and pray for wisdom, peace, Intellect, serenity of mind, prosperity and good fortune.

A lot ofpeople perform the Shraddh Pooja on this day followed by rituals like til daan and panda tarpan.

Chandra Devta is regarded to solve all the issues that one faces according to the Hindu Astrology. He is known to control wisdom and emotions.

Devotees pray to the Moon god for Salvation, so that he may deliver them from all the losses in life. They also seek his blessings in order to achieve Moksha, post their death. The idea of Moksha can be defined as the peace of the soul once it leaves the body. 

People also worship their forefathers on this auspicious day to seek their blessings.

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