D'Artist Talent Ventures Launches DArtist Plus Service for Startups
D'Artist Talent Ventures Launches DArtist Plus Service for Startups

Celebrity agency D’Artist Talent Ventures has launched a new service called D’Artist Plus, specifically designed for startups. This service focuses on creating partnerships between celebrities and brands, customized for smaller businesses.

Darshana Bhalla, the CEO of D’Artist Talent Ventures, highlighted that the aim behind D’Artist Plus is not just limited to endorsements but aims to build strong and lasting relationships between influential personalities and consumer brands.

The company stated that D’Artist Plus will utilize structured deals to leverage the popularity and trustworthiness of celebrities to solve marketing challenges for brands, especially startups. This collaboration intends to bring value to these new businesses while also benefiting the efforts of the celebrities involved.

Bhalla emphasized that D’Artist Plus will cater to specific marketing hurdles faced by startups, providing opportunities that exceed typical expenses and offering impactful marketing strategies. By partnering with high-profile figures from entertainment, sports, and digital platforms, they aim to create mutually beneficial relationships that foster growth for both brands and celebrities.

Moreover, D’Artist Plus has introduced a program for marketing advisory services to optimize brand-celebrity partnerships.

In addition to traditional brand deals, celebrity management teams now include experts in private equity, gaming, fundraising, and intellectual property. These professionals help celebrities extend their influence beyond their typical fields like movies, TV shows, or sports, aiming to explore business opportunities.

These deals also focus on enhancing the digital presence of celebrities, increasing engagement, and finding ways to generate revenue through various mediums. They position themselves as strategic advisors, assisting celebrities in growing their wealth and creating a lasting legacy beyond their primary careers.

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