Jharkhand: Daughter-in-law filed case against former DGP

Jun 29 2020 01:28 PM
Jharkhand: Daughter-in-law filed case against former DGP

After knowing about the crime case that has come up recently, your senses will fly away. In this case, his daughter-in-law has filed a case of dowry harassment against former DGP of Jharkhand DK Pandey. According to the information, the bride has made many more serious allegations. Due to this, the difficulties of the former DGP are going to increase. In her FIR, the daughter-in-law said that her husband is gay. She also told that when she gave this information to the father-in-law, he was silenced.

Not only this, his father-in-law DK Pandey tried to make relations with her. In this matter, Pandey married his son Shubhankar on 15 February 2016 while being the DGP. The daughter-in-law of former Jharkhand DGP DK Pandey reached the Ranchi Women's Police Station on Saturday and filed an FIR against the former DGP, mother-in-law and husband. In the complaint in this case, the daughter-in-law said that her husband Shubhankar Pandey is gay. Not only this, the woman even said, three years ago she was married to Shubhankar and on the second day of marriage she came to know that her husband is gay.

After that, when she told this to her father-in-law DGP DK Pandey and mother-in-law, they said that there is a medical problem. It will be cured after treatment. In this case, the victim also revealed that something did not go well for a long time, then once in a marriage ceremony, father-in-law DK Pandey asked her to have a physical relationship with him. After this act, she started getting upset. The victim also alleged that after marriage she was tortured for demanding dowry. Now the police started investigating in this matter.

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