Daughter of US Prez's lawyer Rudy Giuliani supports Biden

Oct 18 2020 01:07 PM
Daughter of US Prez's lawyer Rudy Giuliani supports Biden

Presidential elections are nearing and both candidates are gearing for it. In what has been known as the most divisive US Election ever, Donald Trump's close aide and lawyer Rudy Giuliani finds himself in a fix as his daughter Caroline Rose Giuliani is frankly endorsing Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden. Filmmaker, actor and writer Caroline Rose Giuliani wrote in Vanity Fair that she and her father were "multiverse apart, politically and otherwise" and went on to add that none can be silent in the historic elections.

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Witing that she had, from her childhood, engaged in debates with her father about LGBTQ rights, policing and other issues, Caroline stated that she might not be able to improve her father’s mind but together, people can vote for the "toxic administration" out of office. The filmmaker lashed out at the "chest-thumping partisan tribalism" in the Trump era and said she understood that many Americans related to her feeling of helplessness but assert they were not helpless. 

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As per the reports of a leading daily, the younger Giuliani endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016 and voted for Barack Obama in 2012. In contrast, her father Rudy Giuliani is the former mayor of New York and one of Trump's loudest endorsers. He is also the personal lawyer to the Republican leader and stood by him during the Russian investigation and the impeachment trial. With just weeks to go for US Election 2020, Donald Trump was outgunned financially by Democrat nominee Joe Biden as the latter raised over $100 million more than the incumbent US President. 

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